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10 Common Commercial Roof Problems

10 Common Commercial Roof Problems


A problem with your roofing can be catastrophic, potentially costing a huge amount of money to repair or replace and resulting in a loss of profits if you are forced to close your business temporarily. Many of the problems that commercial roofing encounters can be prevented through proper care, so make sure you’re providing enough professional maintenance to your structure to ensure small faults are caught before they become costly problems.

To help you know what to keep an eye on, the team here at Corrivo Building Projects have put together a list of 10 common commercial roof problems.

Problem 1: Water leaking

Water leaking is a common complaint for commercial roofing. A leak means that a key component of your roof or membrane is broken or missing and the roof is no longer functioning as it should. Water leaking can be as clear to spot as seeing water dripping from the roof or it can be identified by damp spots, mould or discolouration in the roof or attic. As soon as you notice water infiltrating into your roof you will need to contact a professional roofing company to remedy the damage as the longer you leave it, the more your roof and wall structure will be weakened and the more costly the repair will be.

Problem 2: Components have been blown off

The weather can be volatile, especially if you live in a coastal area, and sometimes strong winds can cause serious damage to your property. Whether it’s because your components or material are old, damaged, fit badly or are wrong for the roof, bad weather can take advantage of the weak bond and tear the component away, leaving the remainder of your structure susceptible to further damage.

Problem 3: Punctures

Punctures can be caused in a number of ways; too much foot traffic on the roof surface, bird’s beaks and feet piercing the material or debris collecting on the roof are all examples of how a puncture can come about, so sometimes a puncture occurring is simply unavoidable. You can, however, minimise the risk of your roof becoming punctured by ensuring that you have your roof constructed using high quality, strong materials, regularly clearing your roof of any fallen debris and limiting the amount of foot traffic on your roof.

Problem 4: Broken/blocked guttering

Failing to keep on top of your maintenance can result in your guttering becoming blocked with debris. This can reduce the drainage your roof has – which in itself can cause a whole host of other problems – and the weight of the debris can cause the guttering to break. Ensure you’re regularly unblocking your guttering to keep your roof in good health.

Problem 5: Standing water

Standing or pooling water on the surface of your roof can be symptomatic of a faulty or blocked drainage system, or can indicate a dip in the roof structure which will urgently need to be seen by a roofing expert. Water pooling can be heavy, causing the roof surface to weaken, and the water can eventually begin to cause mould and leakage on the inside of your property.

Problem 6: A blistering surface

A blistering or splitting roof surface can cause the roof to age prematurely and need replacing much earlier than it should. Blistering normally occurs when the installation process was shoddily done. During laying, the asphalt wasn’t heated to the proper temperature which prevents a strong attachment forming. If you’ve noticed signs of blistering on your roof, it is vital that you call a professional to carry out some remedial work as soon as possible.

Problem 7: Poor installation

There are many ways a roofing installation can go wrong, so it is important that when you are considering a new roofing system that you look for a fully qualified and highly trained roofer to ensure that the installation is properly executed. Any damage that the initial roofer causes is much harder to repair, so ensuring a good installation is imperative.

Problem 8: Cut corner repairs

Once you’ve noticed a fault to your roof and decided to take action to remedy it, the worst thing you can do is opt for a local handyman or the cheapest roofing contractor you can find – cut corner repairs can actually exacerbate the issue rather than fix it!

Problem 9: Old age

Even the most high quality roof fitted by the industry’s leading experts has a limited lifespan. The older the roof is, the more likely it is to need repairing frequently, as the components and materials become weakened. This is to be expected, and you’ll have to decide whether it makes more economical sense to continue to pay repair costs or simply pay for a whole new roof system.

Problem 10: Using the wrong components

Improper fasteners, edge metal or nails can be hugely detrimental to the overall strength of your roofing structure, and you’ll find that come any bad weather, these components will be ripped off the roof, making the structure even more vulnerable. Rely on the services of a high quality and professional service to ensure your components are right for the roof you have, and are constructed well.

Since our establishment in 2000, Corrivo Building Projects has become a leading manufacturer of metal components for the industrial roofing industry. We create entirely bespoke components in a range of materials, including steel and aluminium. We have a hard working and talented team to design and construct your components, quick production times and an excellent customer care team to answer any questions you may have. Get in contact today for more information on our services, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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