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A Guide to Rainwater Harvesting Systems

A Guide to Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Without proper protection, rainwater can wreak havoc with your rooftop, so it’s important to install proper drainage channels and sturdy, reliable rainwater goods on your roof to prevent nasty leaks or water damage.

But why stop at simply protecting your property from external water damage? By implementing a rainwater harvesting system, you can take advantage of any rainwater which happens to fall and turn it from a threat into a valuable asset.

Benefits of rainwater harvesting systems

Rainwater harvesting can bring a number of benefits to the home or business. Rainwater itself is a high quality water source and can be used to suit a wide variety of needs beyond just drinking water. Stored rainwater can be implemented throughout the property, from flushing toilets to general cleaning, and can also save money on utility bills.

With proper drainage, rainwater will be guided away from your property and into a wider drainage system. In periods of heavy rainfall flooding may be a risk, but this can be alleviated with a rainwater harvesting system as much of the runoff in peak rainfall periods will be diverted into storage, instead of adding to the flow of water in storm drains or the ground itself.

In this way, a water harvesting system will make for an effective addition to the drainage system on your property. This may be of particular note for commercial buildings, as their typically larger roof catchment area will allow higher volumes of water to be diverted and collected.

Rainwater harvesting systems don’t have to be complicated; they are perfect for utilising excess water and don’t require you to completely rely on rainwater for all your water needs. A rainwater harvesting system is a simple way of having regular access to free, high quality water.

They are also ideal for homeowners who want to save some money on utilities, or who would like to make jobs like washing, cleaning and gardening easier. Rainwater is especially advantageous for plants as it is much cleaner and free from pollutants, encouraging healthier growth. This makes harvesting systems very popular for domestic and commercial premises, like shops and offices, who might use large volumes of water to maintain plant life in and around the building.

Water tanks

Water harvesting systems can vary in design and complexity, with the main difference being the size and location of the water storage tank. The tank can be aboveground or underground, depending on available space, and can be one of a number of sizes to suit specific requirements.

Many domestic rainwater harvesting systems will use aboveground water butts, standing in the garden. These are easily accessible and are often used for irrigation and gardening, as well as storing potable water for later consumption – in case of drought or water shortage, for instance.

Rooftop drainage

Rainwater harvesting is a fantastic extension of an efficient rooftop drainage system. It is important, if you’re planning on installing a harvesting system, that your roof is comprehensively structured for proper drainage. To get the most out of your harvesting system, the following should be installed:

-> sturdy, reliable guttering and downpipes

-> flashings – to direct rainwater and stop it from pooling

-> dedicated rainwater goods to channel higher volumes of water from your roof

Your roof will be a source of large amounts of water, especially if it typically receives regular heavy rainfall, so efficiently planning for drainage will allow you to take advantage of high volumes of water which would otherwise be drained away.

Rainwater harvesting systems are easy to maintain; you simply need look after your drainage channels as you normally would to make sure they aren’t clogged or suffering damage. Your water tank should have a strong lid, and filters installed to block debris. Then it’s simply a case of waiting for the rain to fall so it can be neatly drained away for storage.

Whether you want to use stored water to make your garden or outdoor area look beautiful and thriving, or want to save money by using an alternative source of drinking or general utility water, a rainwater harvesting system is a versatile and effective way to do so.

Here at Corrivo we supply a range of dedicated, high quality rainwater goods to aid in the drainage and collection of rainwater from your rooftop. We have a number of rooftop drainage solutions available, whether you need wider drainage for higher volumes of water, or extra protection via custom rooftop flashings, we can help your property attain an efficient, long lasting and attractive drainage system that will suit your needs perfectly. For more information, please dont hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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