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Roof Flashings Explained

Roof Flashings Explained


Water damage can be a major cause of disruption to your business so it is important to take steps to prevent it from becoming a potentially detrimental factor. Roof flashing is incredibly important if you want to stop water from seeping through your roof and should be a priority for any commercial business.

If you’re generally unfamiliar with roof flashings or how they can be used to protect your business, the team at Corrivo Building Products have put together this guide to roof flashings and how they could benefit you.

What is roof flashing?

Roof flashing is used as a long term waterproofing solution for roofs. Usually made out of galvanised steel or aluminium, flashing seals the perimeter of the building and directs the flow of water away from openings and towards the ground. It is installed over the roof joints providing them protection from water and weather damage.

Roof flashing takes advantage of gravity to redirect water and prevent it from seeping through the roof or pooling, making it a very efficient means of protection.

Why you need roof flashing

The benefits of roof flashing are numerous. Obviously, the biggest advantage gained from roof flashing is the protection it offers from the elements. The roof of your building will be under constant threat from rainwater, storms and strong winds and if your roof were to undergo damage from any of these then your business will suffer as a result.

Roof damage is a serious structural threat so it is vital to protect against it properly. A damaged roof could cause costly delays to your business operations.

Roof flashing creates an impervious membrane around weak points all around the roof which not only helps fight against water infiltration, but also damage caused to the joints around vents, chimneys and skylights by extreme weather.

For flat roofs, flashing is especially effective at preventing water from pooling. There is a much higher risk of this happening on flat roofs than pitched, so if your building is primarily, partially or totally flat roofed, installing flashing will be integral to the prolonged health of your roof and, therefore, your building.

Flashing can be formed to fit any configuration

Many modern commercial buildings have a curved roof shape, but that doesn’t mean roof flashing cannot be installed. Most flashings can be made to fit any configuration or requirement and can be installed, where possible, as an unbroken perimeter around the building. Not only will this offer effective weather protection, it will also enhance the attractive look of your roof’s curved architectural design. Corrivo Building Products offer top quality curved flashing to suit any site requirement.

Low maintenance and cost effective

Properly installed roof flashing offers long lasting protection for very little effort. To maximise effectiveness, roof flashing will be installed to accommodate any movement – namely the contraction and expansion between roofing materials. Proper, high quality roof flashing will allow for this movement while remaining leak-proof and, once installed, will not require any constant or costly maintenance. The weather resistant nature of roof flashing means it won’t become damaged by storms or winds so it should last for years with very little need of looking after. This makes for an incredibly cost effective way to protect your roof and your business. Once you’ve had it installed you will reap the benefits immediately and well into the future.

Corrivo provide only the highest quality components for all roof flashings so you can rest assured that your business will stay protected from the elements for years to come.

We offer top quality steel, aluminium and curved roof flashing here at Corrivo Building Products. Our years of experience in the industrial roofing industry means we have the knowledge and expertise to provide affordable, durable and specially made flashings for your business. To discuss the many roof flashing options available to you, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

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